Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Today I am thankful for Moody's Diner and Coffee

    My husband Todd and I live somewhat near Moody's. It's been around for quite some time (since 1927 according to this mug) so they obviously sell good food and coffee. Remember when I said my bug zapper was my best friend? Well I lied because coffee has been my #1 for years. I always have about 4-6 different types of coffee in the house at a time, and I know you are probably thinking "won't the coffee be less fresh if you have so much of it laying around over time?" and they answer is no. Believe me...In this house it goes pretty fast.
    I have a Keurig brewer, a french press, and a regular brewer. I used to have a stove top espresso maker or "moka pot" and an actual espresso machine but neither one worked very well so they are no longer with me. (Anyone know of a good CHEAP espresso maker?) Not only do I own lots of brewers, I also own a milk frother, coffee grinder, and about 8 thousand coffee mugs...Yeah, I obviously have a problem.
    I am so so thankful for coffee. Iced, hot, blended, etc. It's all perfect to me. 


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